hi everyone its odds upright in tutorial and today I will explain to you how to write a bad 9 essay about causes and solutions in arts writing task 2 there are many question types that you can get in arts writing task 2 but causes and solutions essays are very common so in this lesson I will give you an example of a question that describes some problem and asks you to write about its causes and solutions after that I’ll show you a band 9s structure for this type of essay and finally I will explain to you how to quickly produce ideas for your answer as a result will write a band 9 answer together here is an example of ads writing tasks to question that you can get on the real exam let’s read the question card infants of human-beings of the world’s ecosystem is leading to the extinction of species and loss of biodiversity what are the primary causes of loss of biodiversity what solutions can you suggest right at least 250 words when you get a question card like this your first aim is to understand what the question asks you to do your question card consists of two things first is statement second questions are instructions addressed directly to you so in our case we help do questions the first one is about causes of loss of biodiversity and the second one is about solutions to this problem questions about causes and solutions often appear together in odds question cards let’s see how you can tackle this type of essay here is a benign answer structure for Gaza solutions SS you start with an introduction in the introduction you paraphrase the statement and tell the examiner that you’re going to describe causes and solutions of the specific problem after that you write body paragraph 1 in this paragraph you describe causes next you write body paragraph 2 and in this paragraph you describe solutions finally you write a conclusion is the conclusion paragraph you briefly summarize what you have written before you should spend about 14 minutes on writing task 2 wait but what are you going to write about well before you actually start writing you have to dedicate two to four minutes to produce ideas for your writing this way you will know what you are actually going to write about and your essay will be more structured so we’re starting to plan our essay by producing ideas to produce ideas for causes and solutions essay you have to determine three things first is a problem second are causes of this problem and third are solutions to this problem the problem is already given in your question card its loss of biodiversity or in other words some animals and plants are dying out now let’s think about its causes and solutions don’t be afraid of simple ideas remember get a nice car means riding simple things well here are some basic ideas that may come to your mind causes why animals and plants are dying out cells the first one is change of the natural habitats when humans artificial transforms the environment like build roads houses etc they destroy animals natural habitats second is pollution so pollution negatively changes the dark energy the chemical constitution of the environment and the climate in general so a lot of species cannot live under such conditions and simply die out and third is our exploitation of resources for example to intense farming exhausts SL are too frequent fission which doesn’t leave enough time for fish to reproduce makes fish disappear it’s enough to give one hour occasional to causes in your essay but we don’t start Crichton yet now think about possible solutions how can we stop animals and plants from disappearing well first solution is to protect areas protecting areas where wild animals live is an excellent way to save the environment and prevent species from dying out and solution do is to promote awareness so my informants general population about the disadvantages of loss of biodiversity we can encourage people to be more conscious of the environment one or two solutions are enough for a good essay now after we’ve collected some ideas it’s time to structure our thoughts into an essay so we start writing our essay with an introduction usually I wrote the introduction in two sentences in the first sentence I paraphrase is a question basically I introduced the problem of my essay to the examiner but I don’t use the same words as in the question card I restate the problem with sign items and here is how we can do it despite knowing about biodiversity is importance for a long time human activity has been causing massive extinctions of different species look at how I used sign names instead of saying influence of human beings on the world’s ecosystem I used the phrase human activity and instead of a phrase is leading to I wrote has been causing alsa I substituted extinction of species and loss of biodiversity by mass and extinctions of different species and also I want to draw your attention to the beginning of the sentence to highlight the importance of the problem I wrote despite knowing about bird diversities importance for a long time that’s the first sentence of the introduction in the second sentence I tell the examiner what I’m going to describe in my essay and here is how I wrote it this essay will examine the main causes of loss of biodiversity and possible solutions to this problem look at how I start of the sentence I use the phrase this essay will examine and this is a very nice way to explain what we are going to write about you can use this phrase in introductions for different essays perfect we’ve done the introduction our introduction is clear and brief and that’s what we want in Al’s essay after the introduction we’ll start writing the body paragraphs the first body paragraph discusses the possible causes of biodiversity loss the first sentence of this paragraph should contain a general idea of the hull paragraph in our case we just ate two main causes of the biodiversity loss here is my first sentence the two main causes of species extinction are change of their habitats and our exploitation of Natural Resources remember we have produced these ideas earlier so now I simply plug them into my sentence excellent moving on now how to explain the first cows and give an example here is how I wrote it when humans artificial transforms the environment they destroy vegetation and animals natural habitats for instance to build new roads people cut down trees and salmon the cell altering the environment because of that a lot of species died out not how I use the linking parts for instance to give an example because of that to sell consequences and it’s very good to use new converts now look as a general pattern of this block I mentioned change of their habitats as the first girls of bad versatile us in my very first sentence and now I explained what does this actually mean and then I supported my point of view with an example such logical progression of your thoughts will help you to get a high score in Al’s writing next in a similar way we explain the second cause and give an example also when activities connected to miss capturing and harvest in the natural resource are too intense in a particular area the resource becomes exhausted for example to frequent fishing doesn’t leave enough time for fish to reproduce and make them disappear again I use the phrase for example to show that I’m given an example always use linking words in your essay to finish the body paragraph you can optionally add a sentence to summarize your previous thoughts here is how I wrote it thus human activities often deplete local flora and fauna and cause loss of biodiversity well done we’ll finished our first body paragraph together now we can start writing but a paragraph – which is about solutions as before in the first sentence of our second body paragraph we state the general idea of the whole paragraph in our case we mentioned two possible solutions to the problem our problem is the loss of biodiversity and they have produced ideas for the solutions earlier and here is how I wrote this some possible solutions to this problem are protected natural areas and promoting awareness among people you can see that I clearly stated both solutions in these centers after that we explain each of the solutions and support them with examples when it’s possible here’s how arose this block of text by protecting areas where human activity is limited and avoiding our exploitation of its resources we can save them touched environment and prevent species from dying out moreover the next step in fighting biodiversity loss is informing the general population about the dangers of this problem this way people will be more conscious of the environment and want to reduce or destroy its resources as you can see I started by explaining the first solution and then I moved to the second solution I used it in convert more over to make a smooth transition from the first solution to the second solution and they use the press this way to indicate that I’m writing about the consequences you can notice that they did not use specific examples in this case but it’s fine since I explained the solutions in detail and we were not required by the task to give specific examples okay that’s it was the body paragraph 2 well done now we’re done with the introduction and two body paragraphs and it’s time to start writing the conclusion paragraph the conclusion paragraph shirtless summarizes all previous ideas without giving you information for causes solutions essay you can write the conclusion paragraph in the following way sentence one restate the causes of the problem sentence two reminds the reader of possible solutions and here is my conclusion to conclude people’s activities that change the environment have negative impact on the world’s ecosystem however we can significantly lessens the extinction of species by protecting natural errors and enlightening people about this problem I simply restated the causes and solutions that they already mentioned in my body paragraphs remember you should not put any new ideas into your conclusion he have already described your ideas in the body paragraphs now look at how I started the conclusion paragraph I used the phrase to conclude it’s a very good way to start a conclusion paragraph because it serves as an indicator to the reader that you are writing a conclusion you can also start your conclusion with the following phrases to summarize in sum in conclusion look at how are you silent if throughout my essay I group two causes of biodiversity loss by a common phrase people’s activities that change the environment to indicate the problem of biodiversity loss I wrote have negative impact on the world’s ecosystem then I use the Lincoln Ward however to highlight the transition from causes to solutions for the solutions I stated protected natural areas and paraphrased inform in general population in turn and Latin in people about this problem that’s it we have finished writing our band 9si congratulations you’ve done a really great job for watching it all and here is our final version of the essay with all the paragraphs put together the whole essay contains 256 words by Al’s rules you have to write a minimum of 250 words in task 2 essay for both general and academic exams otherwise you will lose your points but you should find a golden balance between writing two little words and losing points and writing too many words and running out of time our band 9 also structure for Arts essay will help you to achieve that goal you can check out the text version of this tutorial on out sub website using the following link we also have plenty of other useful arts writing tutorials as well as full IELTS reading and else listening tests don’t hesitate to check them out I really hope that you enjoyed this lesson thank you very much for watching it and see you soon in another L sub tutorial