What is 361° ?

An Awesome Experience

What is reality?

Whatever you make of it.

What is Morrowland?

Morrowland is the virtual manifestation of the art and sounds of Charlie Morrow in 361°.

Why do I get an error when I log into the app?

During beta phase, when you freshly registered or changed your password in your profile, it can take up to 15 Minutes before your new data is available to the 361°-app. So give it a bit of time and try again. If after 30 minutes you still cannot login, drop us a note.

Why do I get a security warning, when I start the app?

In Beta-Phase, both our app for Windows and MacOSX are not yet officially available through the Microsoft store or Apple-store. You can only download them on this website, but Windows and MacOSX might warn you that these apps come from unidentified sources and you have to explicitly allow them to be started. Once we reached release state, the apps will be officially signed and should not produce the security warnings anymore.

Why can’t anybody hear me?

Please check if you muted yourself. On the top left of the app window, you see your live webcam image. Right next to it, there is a small icon of a microphone. If it is crossed out, that means you’re muted, and you can scream your lungs out and nobody hears you. Click to toggle on and off.

Why is my webcam not working?

If your webcam is not working, there are three possible solutions:

  1. You have multiple webcams (or software posing as a webcam) and you chose the wrong one. Click the gear-icon next to your “live webcam image” on the top left of the app window to change the camera.
  2. On MacOSX you have to allow the software to use the webcam. Sometimes it takes a very long time for the system to ask you if you want to allow it. Under Windows you may or may not get this message, depending on your security settings.
  3. In very rare cases, MacOSX NEVER asks if you want to allow the app to use your microphone. In that case there is unfortunately nothing we can do at the moment.

Can I CALL you anytime if something doesn't work?


Right now, the system is free to use and we don’t provide telephone support. But you can send us a message here anytime and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Can anybody try 361° ?

Basically yes. But if you misbehave, attack or insult others, or do anything that pisses off other users or us, we take the liberty of banning you from this FREE service.

What if I discover any bugs in the app?

You can message us here.

Why are there (so few) bugs in the software?

Because it’s software, we’re human and this is the beta phase. Which basically means that you are our human software-guinea pigs. This is a short sum-up of our terms&conditions.

Why are there so frequent updates for the software?

We’re currently in beta phase which means we’re still developing the app, adding new features and fixing bugs every day. In this phase of the project we might have updates as often as every day. In extreme cases, when we encounter critical bugs, we might even have another update on the same day. We try to keep the update frequency as low as possible.

I found a typo. What should I do?

Nothing, you can keep it.

If you found more than 50 typos you can deliver them to us here